Follow the saga of the Darksmith family through the twists and turns of raising the creatures of the night.

The story begins with Fear & Sunshine: Prelude, a look into the past as Dominick and Delilah Darksmith welcome their daughter into the world. But their happiness is short lived when Fear, the greatest creation of Darksmith comes to claim what he believes is rightfully his.

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Seven years later, Sunshine, raised by her foster parents, Salvo and Flora Saliente, learns of her dark past and the darker future that lays in wait. Alongside Death and her yellow-eyed aunt, Constance Adora, Fear & Sunshine, the second illustrated novel of the series, tells the story as Sunshine has to travel into an unknown world to bring back the business of Darksmith Manor.

The Fear & Sunshine saga continues with Fear & Sunshine: Dark Matters. After getting deeper and deeper into the business of Mad Science, Sunshine is starting to go a bit a crazy. At least, that’s what the voice inside her head is making her think…

To learn more about the people, places, and, of course, monsters of Fear & Sunshine, check out the World page.

If the main series isn’t enough for you, be sure to check out Lost Tomorrow – a story from before Sunshine learned about Darksmith Manor and went on adventure down a rabbit hole to find a world that time forgot.