If you’ve ever been swimming in the sea near the Towne of Munstro, chances are that you aren’t reading this because you’re dead now. You really should have read the signs posted everywhere: No Swimming. Dangerous Waters.

But what makes them dangerous, you may have asked before making your final mistake in life. How bad could they really be?

For centuries, the seas were the domain of some of the most hideous creatures imaginable – The Mermarks. Wars have been fought to stop these monstrosities, staining the beaches red.

Originally created by foolish mermaids as a way to increase their power over the sea, the Mermarks turned on their masters, and then, turned their attention toward the land. If there had ever been one thing to unify the people of this world, it would be the hatred of these mulleted mermen.

Since their fish-like qualities leave them water bound, the Mermarks’ aspirations to make landfall were never seen through. After years of fighting them back to protect the shores and shipping lanes, the creatures finally sank back into the darkest depths of the ocean.

Having decimated the mermaid population, it has become a mystery as to how the Mermarks managed to survive. With each new generation, there has been a continuous decline in the creature’s mental and physical capacities, leaving them as nothing more than savage beasts. While they are still a danger if you find yourself in close proximity to one of them, it is unlikely that they will ever be able to return to a position to pose a threat to civilization.

But no matter how far down the evolutionary ladder the Mermarks tumble, remember, they are there, under the waves, waiting…

Fun Fact: They Mermarks made their first appearance in the short story Death or Glory, in the book Monsters Around the Campfire. Click here to check it out!