Salambeaus, a unique variety of woodling, is similar to appearance to the common salamander. Unlike their amphibious relatives, the salambeaus spend most of their lifetime outside of water in their wooden state. Once in contact with water, a salambeau will ignite in flames, either in a localized area or in their entirety when completely submerged. How they manage to live in this state and how the flames burn even when underwater remains a mystery.

The salambeaus are a newly discovered species by Sunshine Saliente of the Darksmith family. As others in her position would have likely done, the young lady capitalized on the abilities of the creature by giving them the task of serving as torches to whoever would like to hire them.
Oddities such as this exist in many forms and new species are being discovered by anyone willing to search the unknown corners of this world. What strange new creature might you find on your next adventure?

If you’d like to learn more about the salambeaus, be sure to read Fear & Sunshine: Dark Matters and find out how Sunshine brought this creature into her world of mad science!