As Sunshine Saliente and Doc Bratenlager were working on some reanimation, an accident occurred as accidents do and now a new threat faces Darksmith Manor. ZomBeans! And the only way to deal with zombie beans is to shoot brains at them with a cannon!

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The Game

Sadly, the game is no longer available be the code was old and crusty. However, here’s information to see what it was like in the glory days on the zombie beans.

ZomBeans was my first game for iOS and Android. It takes place in the world of Fear & Sunshine after an experiment in reanimation goes wrong.


The game takes place after Fear & Sunshine (don’t worry, it won’t ruin the story for you). The game is full of characters from the books helping handle the ZomBean outbreak. And the game is FREE! If you like it and want to learn more about the world of Darksmith Manor, buy the books online or straight from the author/artist/game designer (that’s me, Donovan Scherer) at any of the events that Ratatat Graphics is at.


ZomBean Plushies


ZomBean plushies once roamed the world of Darksmith Manor. None of these menaces have been sighted in quite a while but that doesn’t mean they won’t rise back up from the grave.

Want to Become a ZomBean?

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