Fear & Sunshine

Are you ready for an illustrated adventure into madness?

Sunshine Saliente was a carefree girl, happily adventuring into imagination with her stuffed rabbit, seeking make-believe treasure and hiding from storybook monsters, until the day she met a stranger.

That stranger was Death.

Fortunately, he was an old family friend.


˃˃˃ Illustrated by the Author

Fear & Sunshine sends Sunshine spiraling into a world of the unknown as she learns of the legacy she left behind and a world she could never imagine that must be saved. Come along for the ride as this little hippie girl claims her place at Darksmith Manor and meets werewolves, the undead, and the twisted experiments of the mad science dynasty she was destined to lead.

From an Amazon reviewer:
“I loved this book! Sunshine was such a lovable character I just couldn’t get enough of her. The book is fast paced, easy read. Magic and monsters great for any age!”

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Join Sunshine Saliente as she skips along her descent into a world of monsters and mad science!

Genre: Adventure with elements Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror
Series: Fear & Sunshine
Age Level: 8 and up
Grade Level: 3rd and up
Language: English
Page Count: 256
ISBN-10: 984174613
ISBN-13: 978-0984174614
Original Publication Date: 12/13/2009

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