Born from a bowl of baked beans and a crazy-intelligent reanimated brain, ZomBeans are the first true menace to come from Darksmith Manor under the management of Sunshine Saliente. These zombie beans travel in large hordes, smell delicious, and are hungry for brains.

Unlike your standard zombie, the ZomBean’s insatiable appetite will never be satisfied as their soft, nubby teeth lack the power to rip through a human skull. Making things even worse, when presented with a de-skulled brain, the ZomBean will likely explode from sheer excitement. But even with these obstacles, ZomBeans do, in fact, pose the threat of being little more than an ankle-biting nuisance.

The ZomBeans strength lies in their numbers. The first, single bowl of baked beans from which they were born created a massive horde. While many of the beans were destroyed shortly after their creation thanks to the brain-launching cannon kept in the laboratory of Darksmith Manor, many managed to escape and some were kept for potential testing and experiments.

While research is still being conducted on how the horde functions, evidence has been found to show that the initial batch does possess the ability to repopulate. In one instance, it appears that the ZomBean plague can be transferred to other, non-zombie beans in close proximity to ZomBean “gloop”, slime that secretes from the creature’s eyes and mouth.

Although purely speculative, there is also a theory that states that when a ZomBean successfully consumes a brain, it will then leave behind a type of “dropping” that will later sprout into a second generation of the leguminous menace.

While the ZomBeans do not pose much of a threat on their own or in small numbers, if they were to substantially increase their horde, it could could humanity at a significant risk. If you do see a ZomBean shambling about, it would be in your best interest (and mankind’s) to exterminate it.



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