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Fear & Sunshine: Dark Matters is here!

Fear & Sunshine: Dark Matters by Donovan Scherer

Fear & Sunshine: Dark Matters, the third novel of the series, is available now! The official release date isn’t until October 22nd, but self-publishing is weird so go ahead and grab yourself a copy on Amazon.

The Fear & Sunshine series by Donovan Scherer is the story of Sunshine Saliente, a little hippie girl who finds out that she is the heiress of the greatest monster-making dynasty there ever was and has to learn the art of mad science.

Here’s from the back of the new book:

Far from the treehouse she grew up in, Sunshine Saliente has claimed her place as the heiress of Darksmith Manor. Though the creature Fear has been cast out of this strange world, the girl remains surrounded by monsters, mad science, and a business she doesn’t understand.

It is up to Sunshine to breathe new life into the legacy left behind by the family she never knew. Despite the wishes of the current mayor of the nearby Towne of Munstro, Yetzel Dragulus, the local monster-maker is about to get back to business.

Luckily, word has spread and the new leader of Darksmith Manor is about receive her first customer.

Fear & Sunshine: Dark Matters, as well as the other books of the series are available on Amazon.

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