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Let’s Take Over The Internet!

Fear & Sunshine: Dark Matters is now available everywhere! And before you buy it, go ahead and peek inside –


Here’s a list of where you can pick up Dark Matters and the other Fear & Sunshine books.

For Print Books:

Barnes & Nobles (for some reason, they don’t have all three)

In-person – Big news! I am now going to be doing the Kenosha Harbor Market indoor show at the Rhode theater. It’ll be every Saturday from 9am to 1pm. There are a few days I have to take off here and there, so I’ll get details up soon.


If you work for a library or school, the books are available through Ingram


For eBooks (save some money!):

Kobo (this one just lists Dark Matters so far)

By the way, Fear & Sunshine: Prelude is FREE as an eBook everywhere except for Kindle. If you want to help free it up there, check out this post I did –


Hope you get the new book and I hope it’s your favorite thing ever (I would settle for top 100). And once you’re done reading it, if you leave a review on any of the sites the books are available, it helps other people shopping find it and helps me out a ton.


Thanks and enjoy the book!